PADDY BEDFORD Frieze Masters Preview | New York

15 August 2024 – 20 September 2024

About Exhibition

This exhibition will present a hand-selected group of Paddy Bedford's finest paintings on canvas, alongside twenty never-before-seen gouache works on paper directly from the artist's Estate.

Paddy Bedford was introduced to the gouache medium early in his career whilst visiting an artist's studio in Melbourne with gallerist Tony Oliver and two of his fellow Gija artists. Bedford quickly began working with gouache, and the result was immediately effortless. Although their energy was reminiscent of his paintings on canvas, the smaller scale of works on paper determined a dramatic scaling down of his approach and regular experiments in form and colour.

However, these were not minor versions of larger or more significant pictures but something different altogether. Paddy Bedford would return to gouache as a daily part of his painting practice five years later. His compositions were endlessly variable, and the direct and informal properties of working in gouache would complement his established works on canvas.

Bedford's large-scale natural and synthetic pigment paintings depicting spiritual sites of his mother's and father's Country are celebrated as some of the most significant works of his oeuvre. These paintings will form the cornerstone of the presentation.

The exhibition will coincide with the publication of a book by D'Lan Contemporary, in association with the artist's Estate, dedicated to the gouache practice of Paddy Bedford. The book will feature eighty-one works currently held in Trust and will include written contributions from curators, art historians and those who knew Bedford and his practice.

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