Our mission is to develop an inclusive and sustainable marketplace for Australian First Nations art.


We believe that galleries who exhibit and sell Australian First Nations art should share the success they experience with the artists, their families, and their communities.


D’Lan Contemporary regularly visits remote art centres and collaborates with artists, art centre managers and workers as well as community leaders when producing and presenting exhibitions.


Our work with Artist Estates:


D’Lan Contemporary represents Artist Estates.


In 2019, we implemented a Voluntary Resale Royalty which provides a platform for clients who acquired works prior to the introduction of Australia’s Resale Royalty (2010) to contribute to artists’ or their Estates on a voluntary basis.


Our work with Communities:


In 2020, we established a charitable trust fund designed to distribute proceeds from art sales back to Indigenous governed arts organisations to support First Nations artists, art industry workers and their broader communities. D’Lan Contemporary allocates 30% of annual net profits to this trust fund.

We actively encourage other ethical representatives operating in the Australian Indigenous art market to meaningfully contribute to the social, cultural, and economic empowerment of Australia’s First Nations people.


D’Lan Contemporary is also a member of the Indigenous Art Code. 


For more information on our approach to working with community please contact us. 

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